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Area IV Constutution & Bylaws / District Rules

(Revised July 12, 2017) Member Policy at bottom of page. Article I

Name and Purpose

Section A: The name of the organization shall be the Area IV FFA Association. Recognized units of the organization may officially use the letters “FFA” and/or the words “Future Farmers of America” to designate the organization, its units, and/or members thereof.

Section B: The purpose of the Area IV FFA Association is the same as outlined in Article II of the State FFA Constitution.

Article II


Section A: The Area IV Association of the Texas FFA Association is the area organization of students of Agricultural Science. It shall consist of local chapters in Area IV chartered by the state and national associations.

Section B: Members of new Agricultural Science departments shall meet, organize, adopt a constitution, and formulate a program of work not in conflict with the National, State, or Area IV Constitution and By-Laws.

Article III

Procedure for Determining Standing of Chapters and Members

Section A: This procedure shall be the same as outlined in the State Constitution.

Article IV


Section A: Membership in this organization shall be of three kinds-Active, Alumni, and Honorary. All degrees of membership shall be defined by the State Constitution.

Article V

Active Membership, Degrees, and Privileges

Section A: This will be the same as Article VI Sections A,B,C,D, and E of the State FFA Constitution.

Article VI

Procedure for Choosing Candidates for the Lone Star FFA and American FFA Degrees

Section A: Applicants for these degrees will submit to their district FFA organization for checking and approval at the spring meeting designated for this purpose. The application, when approved by the district will then be submitted to the area association at the time of the awards and degree check meeting. The area committee will evaluate and select the number of applications to be sent to state.

Section B: The chairman of the Lone Star FFA Degree Checking Committee in each district will submit all applications from the district on the date of the area awards and degree check meeting to the area committee chairperson. All applications must have been checked by the district committee prior to the area meeting. The area committee will review all applications from the districts.

Section C: Applications must be prepared neatly on forms supplied by the state and national associations.

Article VII


Section A: This article is the same as the state constitution.

Article VIII


Section A: The officers of the Area IV FFA Association shall be a President, elected at large, and eleven Vice Presidents. The Area IV President shall be elected at the area convention by a majority vote of the delegates. The other officers called for in the opening and closing ceremonies shall be designated based on the election process scoring total.  

Section B: At a district meeting preceding the Area IV convention, each district will select two candidates for Area President.  All candidates will participate in the interview and testing process, the top six candidates regardless of which district with the highest score wil ladvance to speaking and election process at the area convention.   

Section C: The officers shall be elected annually and can serve no more than one full term. In addition, campaign policies will follow the area officer election policy contained in the Area IV FFA Membership Policy Handbook.

Section D: Area IV officers must hold at least the chapter FFA Degree and must have been active in their local chapter. They must be in high school during the year in which they serve as Area Officer.

Section E: The Area IV Officers shall be installed at the Area Convention.

Section F: The advisor of the Area President will serve as the Area Advisor.

Co Advisors or Area Leadership Coordinators shall be elected by the Area IV AST membership. The Area Leadership Coordinator shall serve a 3 year term.  At the close of the second year, during the Ag. Science Teachers Conference, a co Area Leadership Coordinator shall be elected to serve a three year term.  The first year as assistant co-chair shall be one of “training.”



Article IX

Procedure for Electing Student Officers

Section A: The Area Officers from the Area will be selected and nominated annually by the District organizations.

Section B: If for any reason a student office becomes vacant, the District from which the vacancy occurs shall elect another student officer. If for any reason, the office of President becomes vacant, the student officer who received the second highest number of votes in the election for President shall become President. If for any reason, the nominee for state officer fails to take office, the candidate with the second highest number of votes shall become the state officer candidate.

Section C: The officers of the Area, Districts and local Chapters shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, Sentinel, Student advisor, and other officers if desirable.

Article X

Meetings and Conventions

Section A: An Area Convention shall be held annually except in case of extreme emergency as declared by the governing body.

Section B: Each local chapter is entitled to send delegates from its active chapter membership to the Area Convention based upon the following:

 Revised August,(1995)

 Members Voting Delegates
 1-50 1
 51-100 2
 101-150 3
 151-200 4
 201-250 5
 251-300 6
 301-350 7
 351-400 8
 401-450 9



Section A: The President and/or Advisor of the Area IV FFA shall appoint the various committees that are necessary in carrying out the total program of work for the Area Association.

Article XII

Executive Committee

Section A: The Area Executive Committee of the organization shall be composed of the teachers who are the Area IV President who shall act as (Chairperson), the Area IV 1st Vice President and the Area IV 2nd Vice President, the Area IV Secretary the Area IV Treasurer, the District Presidents, and the District Secretary/Treasurers of the current year.

Section B: The Area Executive Committee shall review decisions and proposals of the FFA student officers. The Committee shall have the final authority in all matters pertaining to the Area association within the policies of the State FFA Association and the Texas Education Agency.

Section C: The Area Executive Committee shall meet at least once a year at a time and place designated by the Chairperson.

Section D: The Committee may designate the Chairperson and two members of the Executive Committee as a governing committee, when the Committee is not in session, shall have and exercise the powers of the Committee subject to its confirmation.

Section E:  The Area AST Officers will serve a four year term.  The rotation of leadership shall follow the rotation posted below.  


2017 add Cross Timbers rep, add 4th officer position from Oil Belt District

2018 add New District 3 Rep

2019 add New District 5 Rep

2020 add District 6 Rep

2021 begin adding officers according to districts numerically, District 1 Rep comes on board

2022 add District 2 Rep


Article XIII


Section A: Annual membership dues in the Area organization shall be fixed by a majority vote of the delegates present at an area convention. The FFA membership year shall be from August 1 to July 31.

Article XIV


Section A: Proposed amendments to the Area Constitution and By-Laws must be submitted in writing to the Area Advisor at least ten days prior to any area convention. These proposed changes must in turn be submitted in writing to the local chapters of the Area at least fifteen days prior to the next succeeding area convention. Amendments may be adopted and/or revisions made to the Area Constitution and By-Laws at any area convention by a two-thirds vote of the official delegates present.

Article XV

Parliamentary Procedure

Section A: Jarrell D. Gray’s “Parliamentary Guide for the FFA” shall be used as the final authority in governing actions of all Area FFA meetings.

Section B: The acting Parliamentarian for all Area meetings shall be the Chapter Advisor of the winning Senior Chapter Conducting team of the previous Area contest.












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