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Administrative Policies

The following administration policies have been approved to:

  • Better communicate the roll the duties of the Area IV Association in providing services to its members.
  • Provide guidelines in carrying out approved administrative practices.
  • Provide interpretations of Area IV Constitution and By-laws.

The Area IV Executive Committee reserves the final right to interpret all Area IV rules, constitution & by-laws, administration policies and operating procedures relating to all matters pertaining to the business and well fair of the Area IV FFA Association.

  1. Applications for Advanced Degrees – All Area applications for advanced degrees must go through the interview process in person, on the designated day of interviews.  All applications are due to the Area Coordinator the Friday prior to the Area Convention.
  2. Area AST Coordinator Nomination – This committee will be comprised of the six past Area AST Coordinators.  This committee will select an AST nomination from the Area IV district that does not have a representative currently serving Area AST Coordinator, Area AST Vice-President or Area AST Secretary/Treasurer.  The nomination form this committee will then be voted upon in an Area Meeting during the State Professional Improvement Conference for Agriscience Teachers.
  3. Area CDE – Rules governing the Area IV CDE competition will be followed as listed in the State CDE rules.
  4. Area FFA Activity Facilitators Committee- This committee is composed of 8 FFA advisors, 2 from each district.  The committee will be responsible for coordination of Area functions such as: ordering jackets, area greenhand camp, area leadership camp, area convention, national convention delegate travel, state convention and correspondence with the area officers and area president advisor(s).
  5. Area IV Star Applicants – All Area IV Star Applicants must provide 10 copies, plus the original, of the star battery and application to the Area Coordinator on or before the Monday preceding the State Degree Check.
  6. Area LDE – Rules governing the Area IV LDE competition will be followed as listed in the Area IV Teachers Handbook.
  7. Area Officer Commitment Pledge - An Area officer commitment pledge must be signed by candidates prior to election.  They must be able to attend all functions or they should not run for the office.
  8. Area Officers Jackets - The Area IV Association treasury will purchase an official FFA Jacket for each of the Area FFA Officers.  Ordering of officer jackets will be done at the area convention if at all possible.
  9. Area Talent Contest – Each district in the Area IV is allowed to send two talent teams to compete at the Area level.   Area IV Talent competition will follow the same rules and guidelines as the State FFA Talent competition with the exception of the official dress rule.  Participant in the Area IV Talent competition will not be required to compete in official FFA dress.
  10. Bobby Holder Memorial Scholarship – Scholarship eligibility, selection and administration will be followed as described in the Area IV Teacher Handbook.
  11. Determining Area Sweepstakes LDE/CDE Winner – Only contests paying Area IV entry fees will be considered for sweepstake consideration. Team rankings from 1st place through 8th place are assigned a value from 8 to 1, 8 points for 1st place, 1 point for 8th place.  The chapter with the highest point value is awarded the sweepstakes award. Ties are broken first by the total number of first place teams and econd by the total number of teams entered by the chapter.
  12. Honorary Lone Stars & VATAT Awards – All Honorary Lone Stars & VATAT awards must be accompanied by a reference letter.
  13. National Delegates - The Area IV Association treasury will pay each of National FFA Convention Voting Delegate from Area IV the amount of $200.00 to help defer the cost of travel expenses.  Area officers who were area president candidates from the past election and the area president will serve as National Voting Delegates. President nominees have the first opportunity to accept or decline and if one of these students decline then the second officer nominee from that district has the next option to accept or decline the opportunity to serve as a national voting delegate with the remaining delegate position selected through a random draw.
  14. Official Dress - All FFA members participating in the Area IV Convention and Degree Check as voting delegates, award winners except Talent Contestants) and interviewing candidates are required to be in official dress as stated in the State FFA Association Official Dress Guidelines.
  15. Returning of Award Books & Applications – Award books and applications will be returned at the first district meeting held in the fall semester.
  16. Ryan Mott Memorial Scholarship & John Justin “Standard of the West” – Each district will only submit one applicant at the Area Degree Check for consideration for the Ryan Mott Memorial Scholarship and John Justin “Standard of the West” Award.   This should be followed unless the Texas FFA Association specifically requests for a larger number of applicants to be considered on the Area level or more than one Area winner is to be selected.  Ryan Mott applicants can not be a Texas FFA Scholarship applicant.
  17. Speaking Event LDE – All speaking LDE contestants must provide 5 copies of speech to the Area Coordinator before the state deadline.  Judges for all area speaking LDE’s in the spring will be provided by coach of the third place district speaker.  Districts not having three speakers in an event are responsible for providing a judge for that event.
  18. Talent, Speaking and Interview Times – All talent, speaking event and interview times will be drawn at the Area Degree Check prior to the Area Convention.


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