Area IV Association
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Area Officer Elections

Area Officer Candidates Campaigning Procedure Policy
(Officer Application and Commitment Pledge forms can be found under the Applications & Forms tab)

1.   Before Area Convention:

a)    Mail outs, electronic communications or public mentioning candidacy prior to the convention is not permitted.

b)    In compliance with the state constitution, each candidate shall sign the Area Officer Commitment Pledge and Officer Application Form.  These documents must be submitted to the Area Coordinator prior to the Area Degree Check.  If candidates are declared ineligible, they will be notified prior to the Area Convention.

c)    Transcript of campaign speech should be submitted to District President prior to the Area Degree Check.


2.   During the Area Convention:

a)    Candidates will not be allowed to have an individual candidate booth

b)    No handout materials or wall posters will be allowed.  No campaign material or paraphernalia will be allowed.  Business cards may not contain any items or reference perceived to be campaign related.

c)    No parties will be hosted by candidates during the convention or, before.

d)    Officer candidates will not be allowed to use props during their campaign speeches.

        e)    Campaign speeches will not be longer than two and a half (2.5) minutes. Longer speeches      
        will be interrupted.


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